Wandering 2019 and Beyond….

/ˈwändərər/ – a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler.

/adˈven(t)SHərər,ədˈven(t)SHərər/ – a person who enjoys or seeks adventure.

For some its not aimless wandering but wandering with a purpose, to adventure , to explore and experience outside of what you know or your familiar with!

Our first realization of our travels was it is NOT a vacation so ditched vacation mode. It has to be home mode -some days doing the mundane (laundry, planning and bill paying), some days site seeing and experiencing the area we are in and other days hanging out, socializing with neighbors, friends and new found friends. Most recently it is working on the road as work campers!

There are many other things we have learned along the road since leaving our home the first time for an extended length. The next important realization (or perhaps THE first most important) was we were not only on a voyage to see “things” or “places” but also – on a voyage to connect with friends separated by miles and who are SO precious to us!

And when the time comes to say good-bye there is some sadness but the time we had together, the sharing of life even for a brief time is what is treasured!

Let’s build something together.