So easy grilled vegetables and pasta

It really cannot get much easier than this…..vegan. My company added some shaved asiago cheese and grilled chicken. You can really use any type of pasta. In the picture above I chose a rice/lentil pasta. Rice pasta is my pasta of choice. Below is what you will need for the recipe in the picture. The first 3 ingredients are the main ingredients while the 2nd 3 are optional but add great taste and dress it up a bit~

  • Angel Hair or a thin Pasta
  • Veggies of choice ( in the pic above used different varieties and colors of peppers, onions, garlic and asparagus
  • Braggs Vinaigrette
  • Oregano
  • Pitted Olive Medley or an olive tapenade (optional) halved
  • Bruschetta (optional)

Grill the vegetables while the pasta is cooking. Rinse the pasta when done and drain well. Add the grilled vegetables, olives and bruschetta and mix. Add oregano and vinaigrette to taste.

If you do not have olives or bruschetta handy its no big deal, we have had it both ways and its good either way!


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    1. susana0918 says:

      Thank you – I make it to take or just a quick meal….plan on using it on our motorhome trip coming up!


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