Beautiful Beach at Jetty Park

Our first and only longer stay was at Jetty Park Campground in Cape Canaveral Florida. We return here every year …… (so does that make us a snow bird)? Love the beach here, watching the cruise ships cruise by, eating out , riding bikes, exploring the area and of course meeting new people. This year we saw the arrival of the Queen Victoria Cruise Ship

Our bikes on a trail to the beach..

Here are a few of our favorites all in Cape Canaveral ~

Rising Tide Grills Papa Vito’s There was a Thai restaurant and another pizza place where we ordered take-out and they were both meh.

In addition to the beach and eating we visited two really great points of interest Historic Cocoa Village http://visitcocoavillage.comand the wildlife drive through the Merritt Island Refuge

Did I say that Jetty Park Campground also offered free lessons in Italian, Tango Dancing, Crafts and Drawing (we only paid for our drawing supplies). I was so sorry to have to leave Jetty after 5 weeks there – I could stay longer !

Our next adventure took us to Long Point Park Campground (LPP) in Melbourne Beach Florida about an hour (RV driving time) south from Jetty Park. Here we had some friends and musicians we have met over the past of couple years coming here. LPP is a little more removed from places to eat and things to do but we struck out this year and with new found friends went to a cool place to eat in Vero Beach The Red Onion Eatery Other friends took us to eat atSquidlips which is on the waterway in Sebastian Florida. Both places were great.

Long Point also offers a Valentine Movie Night – this year it was Key Largo!! They also have crafts of your choosing 2 mornings a week, fishing since the campground is surrounded by water, music and/or presentations by fellow campers, a place to kayak or boat and some pretty great people. My husband plays music every year with a group of fellow campers who bring their instruments along.

Here are some pics of our stay ~

To wrap up our stay of 2 weeks at Long Point we explored some of the area’s surrounding beaches and visited the Barrier Island Sanctuary

This is where we turn west and start our trek to Texas…………………….the more “wandering” part of our adventure, exploring different parts of our great country in bits.

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