We started out just after Christmas, hastily putting away decorations and filling the motorhome for 3 months worth of travel.

(Note to self – do not bring so many clothes next time).

We headed down the NYS Thruway to Route 84 West – our goal was to avoid New Jersey traffic and tolls. We picked up 81 South and made it to West Virginia Welcome Center where we stayed overnight in the rest area – no problem! (There have been times these lots are full but not this night. Some do not like the sound of trucks but we do not findThe next day we headed down 81 into Virginia then exited on 66 east to 17 to 95 – all in order to avoid the hills of southern VA and Northern NC. It was a great way to go, flat wide roads – again no problem!! We stayed our second night in the SC welcome Center.

Our friends in Bluffton, SC had messaged us and we decided to detour and spend New Years Eve at Lake Jasper RV Resort in Hardeesville, just outside Beaufort Co as Beaufort Co has a ban on Pitbulls. Not knowing the extent of what that means we would not put our dogs in a precarious situation. Lake Jasper RV Resort was a great small campground we would definitely stay at again! We were able to visit our friends new home in a community in Bluffton. We had dinner with them which was a real treat! Thanks Steve and Deb.

It was great to have the spontaneity to make this detour. We often find that campgrounds are full or we are on such a time frame that we have to pass opportunities by.

Its now January 1st 2019 – HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF ADVENTURE! We headed down I-95 to Jetty Park Campground in Cape Canaveral where we had reservations for almost 5 weeks.

More too come………………….!

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