Easy Recipes RV or Not!

These recipes are meant to be easy whether on the road or at home. When on the road in the motorhome along comes my small Instant Pot and Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer set. I also bring along staples from my kitchen and extra’s like rice, rice noodles, pasta, spices, oils, broth, vinaigrettes, etc. are stored in a plastic tub underneath the motorhome. Cooking elaborate meals is not easy in a small motorhome kitchen so here are some tried and true recipes that you can also create on the road as well as at home – who has a lot of time for cooking and cooking healthy!!??

Being vegetarian, almost vegan, being on the road represents challenges for eating healthy and creatively! I don’t just want to throw a Smart Dog on the grill. Recipes can be made vegan by using vegetable brother instead of oil in many of the recipes. I also use non-dairy butter instead of butter/oil, vegetable broth instead of oils and unsweetened almond milk instead of milk milk.

Fresh produce is always a challenge when on the road as it tends to not last long. I have found that carrots, garlic, broccoli and onions will outlast the others. I alternate between buying kale then buying spinach!

There are also things you can make and leave in the fridge such as quinoa and applesauce (try my ginger recipe below).

                     GINGER APPLESAUCE @ INSTANT POT

I use a 3 qt Instant Pot Plus. It makes the greatest applesauce in minutes. You do not have to peel the apples and the peels come out very soft. The very first time I made applesauce in the Instant Pot I did not peel the apples and it was great but my granddaughter did not like the peels so now I just peel the apples and its still great.

Also on my first try I used cinnamon and later made the ginger applesauce quite by accident. While we were RVing I discovered I left the cinnamon home but I had the ground ginger root with me. So I used that instead and what a treat!

I eat the applesauce plain or on pancakes instead of syrup. I be it would be great on potato pancakes also. I will have to try this!


  • 5-6 Apples (cored, peeled or not peeled, chunked)
  • Several shakes of ground ginger root
  • 1/2 cup of water ( you might adjust if you have a larger Instapot)

Place the apples, ginger and water in the Instant Pot and choose the pressure cooking setting for 5 minutes. After it is done I choose the quick release method and voila! you have ready to eat (after it cools) applesauce.

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